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Capax Team

About our Grad Programme

Capax RM offers a range of exciting opportunities for new starters to gain valuable experience at our organisation.

The Grad Programme is designed to help new starters make the most of their potential and gain experience of high value. Our powerful, experiential training course helps new starters to get to grips with a wide range of software packages, which include Bullhorn / Cube19 and LinkedIn Recruiter – all of which are essential in the day to day life of a recruiter at Capax. Learning about these packages is the ideal way for graduates to transform themselves from novices to experts in their fields. You’ll struggle to find many internal training programmes offering this much access to training expertise.

During our training masterclasses, you’ll receive clear tips that you can start making use of right away. Employees are given tips on how to market themselves and how to use PR to their advantage. You’ll also get better results from your sourcing activities on databases and other social networks, as the techniques you learn can be used here too.

As a new starter, you’ll get six weeks of exceptional support via a fusion of virtual and face-to-face training. Once the programme has come to an end, your learning journey can continue thanks to our weekly drop-in sessions that help you further your knowledge.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Grad Programme!

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