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Why does using a specialist recruitment agency give you an advantage when hiring?

In an industry where the average time to hire through an internal team is 47 - 57 days, is using a recruitment company, especially one that specialises in what you are hiring for, too expensive?! Your productivity loss and cost to cover the gap that you are hiring for can be more money than you think.

Let’s break it down; this is what Capax can do for you!

  • In a candidate driven market we are constantly talking to the best candidates – we know what they want and can match them perfectly with your company and role. 89% of US companies use SaaS so you have got a lot of competition! Let us make sure you don’t settle!
  • We can cut down the average 57 day turn around on hiring - most jobs that Capax work are filled within 17 days but we have filled roles in as little as 48 hours!! This will significantly reduce your costs of temporary cover and bonuses for longer hours worked by other employees etc.
  • There are around 40,000 job boards online, all varying in cost and effectiveness, but the role that you are looking for is niche and you cannot just hire anyone, you need a highly skilled professional. Are these job boards going to find you the most qualified candidates? Why waste an internal employee’s time (when they could be doing something of more value to the company) sifting through 100’s of irrelevant CV’s when Capax can send you skilled, certified professionals that are in the right location and the right budget. No more time wasted.
  • Using Capax to assist you in this hire lets you have more time to do other parts of your job. Once we have discussed what you want from the role, we will either know of or go and find a great fit for the role and cut down your interviewing time significantly. On average, a hiring manager spends 2.5 hours interviewing 1 candidate. If you speaking to 30 people for the role, that’s 72 hours of interviewing! Surely your time could be better spent?!

Whilst Recruitment Agencies do have fees, they are more predictable than the vary costs of HR’s time, your time as the hiring manager, not filling the role and unwanted surprises in the late stages of the hiring process! A one-off payment, a great new hire, and more time to effectively do your job, priceless surely?

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