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Why should you consider recruitment?

Why graduates are considering careers in recruitment

Many graduates come out of university unsure of what job they want to do and not sure how their skills will translate into the workplace. Additionally, there are so many options for graduates that it can be daunting trying to figure out what to apply for.

What do recruiters do?

Essentially recruiters try to find the perfect match between job seeker and employer.

However, being a recruiter is a multi-faceted role. They work as marketers, networkers, problem solvers, interviewers, and negotiators. They must be dedicated to searching for the perfect candidate for their clients, committed to building positive relationships and creating trust with people at all levels of a company.

Recruitment is a business development and sales role -recruiters are expected to be target driven. As a people business the most successful recruiters and fantastic at building relationships with professionals in their chosen markets. At Capax RM this involves creating trust mainly over the phone as our clients are all in the USA.

Why is recruitment a good career?

Talking to our graduates, these are the main reasons why they chose recruitment:

High Earning Potential

The possibility of earning a very good OTE (on-target earnings) is high in a recruitment role. Commission is money that you make on top of your base-salary, and this can be very lucrative even in your first year. At Capax RM after the first 8 weeks of the grad programme you have the ability to start earning commission on the roles that you fill.

Progression Opportunities

In most recruitment companies there is a clear progression journey laid out for you when you start based on targets meaning that it is possible to move up to more senior roles quickly. It is not based on the length of time someone has been there instead it is based on performance. 100% of managers at Capax RM started with us as graduate

Development Opportunities

Recruitment companies understand that their staff are the way that they make money so invest a lot in development. There are always training opportunities whether it is a grad programme to get you accustomed to the life of a recruiter and to build on the skills that you gained at university or mentorship as you continue your journey into management.

Variety of Work

No one coming out university wants to be sat a desk doing the same monotonous tasks every single day. In recruitment, whilst target driven, no two days are the same and there is always scope for autonomy and flexibility.

Capax RM are always eager to talk to graduates that are interested in a career in recruitment. If you want to have a role that rewards you well for hard work then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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