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What Attributes to Look for When Hiring for an ERP Implementation

ERP implementations are complex beasts. Even the smoothest implementations are a substantial undertaking – and many are anything but smooth. They take a lot of time. And they cost a lot of money. How much? According to Panorama Consulting, the average implementation takes more than 17 months to complete, and costs from 4% to 5% […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics Domination

In July 2016 the omnipotent, Satya Nadella, introduced the world to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in front over 10,000 people at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada.

Envision vs. Convergence

Microsoft Envision vs. Microsoft Convergence

Since news broke of Microsoft’s decision to replace it’s flagship Dynamics conference, Convergence, with the newly branded ‘Envision’- it seems the Dynamics community has been debating over how this change would affect what has been a stellar event in the Dynamics calendar every year since 1997.