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Envision vs. Convergence

Microsoft Envision vs. Microsoft Convergence

Since news broke of Microsoft’s decision to replace it’s flagship Dynamics conference, Convergence, with the newly branded ‘Envision’- it seems the Dynamics community has been debating over how this change would affect what has been a stellar event in the Dynamics calendar every year since 1997.

Rumours started spinning at last year’s Convergence in Atlanta of change. After a (more than usual) delayed update from Microsoft on the specifics of the proceedings in New Orleans, the content of the conference was confirmed in January. There was change. The conclusion of these changes is who Microsoft intend the newly named ‘Envision’ to target as an audience. It seems the shift in focus of this content has gone from one of the customers, to that of business leaders and decision makers; with the technical content for customers being shifted to the Dynamics User Groups meetings and Microsoft Ignite (being held in September 2016 in Atlanta).

Since 97, hundreds and hundreds of ISV’s, SI’s and Microsoft Partners have been manning the booths on the expo floors each year for an event aimed purely at the Dynamics product suite. It now seems the conference has transformed into a broader Microsoft product line event rather than a focus on Dynamics and it’s customer base.

Now, I have spoken to a LOT of people in my own network over the past 2 months about their thoughts on this – from business owners to developers- and there any many mixed opinions out there. What do you think?

Do you feel the ‘Dynamics-ness’ of the event is being diluted, or that Envision should remain customer-focused?


Have Microsoft nailed it by providing business leaders a platform to showcase the future in ALL Microsoft technology, be it Dynamics or not?

In any case, Capax will be in New Orleans on April 4th to find out.

If you are heading down there, feel free to drop me a message. If not – why not?

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